Switzer Network News covers Central Valley drinking water issue

Switzer Network NewsSwitzer Network News reporter Jim Downing (Switzer Fellow 2003) joined Fellows and environmental colleagues in the Fresno region for the Fellows' 2011 Spring retreat and study tour. One of the retreat topics was the compelling issue of the scarcity of safe drinking water for rural communities affected by nitrate pollution from agriculture and other contaminants. Hear the voices of Switzer Fellows and community activists involved in this work. This is the first in a two-part series about Central Valley water issues and the involvement of Switzer Fellows.

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Lissa Widoff (1992) | 07/26/2011 - 5:13pm
Latinos Have Higher Exposure to Nitrate-Contaminated Drinking Water, Study FindsThis article summarizes a UC Berkeley research study in which Switzer Fellow Carolina Balasz and her advisor, Switzer Fellow Rachel Morello-Frosch were collaborators also with Isha Ray and Alan Hubbard, also professors at UCB. Here is the link to the summary through which you can link to the research report itself.  http://nature.berkeley.edu/blogs/news/2011/06/study_latinos_have_higher_expo.php