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Clark's book on Slow Democracy featured on Charlotte NPR

Wednesday, March 26 2014

Susan Clark's (1995) book on Slow Democrac was featureyd in an hour-long Charlotte NPR piece about how to reinvigorate local democracy, and make government relevant, citizen powered, and inclusive.

Bunin writes USDA's latest "coexistence" policy fails to address GMO contamination of organic crops

Wednesday, March 26 2014

The USDA's latest "coexistence" policy fails to address GMO contamination of organic crops, writes Lisa Bunin (1994) of the Center for Food Safety.

Balazs receives achievement award for diversity and community

Wednesday, March 26 2014

Carolina Balazs (2009)has received a 2014 Chancellor's Achievement Award for Diversity and Community from UC Davis.

Cleaver joins the Hurricane Island Foundation as new science and research coordinator

Tuesday, March 25 2014

Caitlin Cleaver (2013) has joined the Hurricane Island Foundation as the new science and research coordinator for the Hurricane Island Field Research Station.

Hays on what makes climate resilient communities

Tuesday, March 25 2014

Jeremy Hays (2001) wrote in the Huffington Post that there are a number of factors that make some communities more resilient in the face of climate change than others.

Fruin quoted on reduced life expectancy in neighborhoods with PM2.5 particulate emissions

Tuesday, March 25 2014

Scott Fruin (2000) was quoted in an Environmental Health News article on the health effects of pollutant PM2.5, for which the EPA is about to begin enforcing a new standard.

Smith's campaign for UCS takes huge step forward with General Mills promise to use only deforestation-free palm oil

Tuesday, March 25 2014

Sharon Smith (2011) commends General Mills for publicly committing to sourcing deforestation-free palm oil after scoring poorly on her Union of Concerned Scientists' scorecard of palm oil sourcing.

Johnson's work on how the famous marshmallow study explains environmental conservation covered by The Atlantic

Monday, March 24 2014

Ayana Johnson's (2009) research showing that the ability to choose deferred rewards over smaller immediate rewards has a connection to environmental stewardship was recently covered in The Atlantic.