Welcome to Switzer Network News, a regular series of news reports produced by Jerry Kay of Media Interchange and Switzer Fellows. These reports profile the environmental accomplishments and innovations of Switzer Fellows as leaders in their respective fields.  We encourage you to subscribe to our reports which are available via iTunes, Google, and Yahoo, as well as email.

Switzer Network News: Most Recent Reports

Monday, November 18 2013

Songbirds comprise a large amount of biodiversity in any ecosystem and in any habitat. They're also important indicators of changes to that habitat. But many songbird species migrate hundreds or thousands of miles, creating a challenge for scientists who are eager to learn more about these extraordinary creatures.

Monday, August 26 2013

In this report, we explore the relationship between the business of agriculture and the business of environmental sustainability.  Switzer Fellow Jeff Dlott's company, Sure Harvest, provides a full set of solutions for growers and agrifood companies pursuing sustainability strategies - farming management software, sustainability management software, sustainability consulting services and third-party sustainability certification - throughout the agrifood supply chain.

Saturday, August 3 2013

Most likely the items in your home or office came from overseas. Today's report focuses on the question how those products got to you, and what is the impact on the environment and workers?

Monday, June 17 2013

What if you had to decide between feeding your family today and saving the environment for future generations? That's exactly the choice families along the stretch of river between Guatemala and Belize have to make. Switzer Fellow Dave Kramer of EcoLogic Development Fund is helping them find common ground to create a sustainable fishery that will serve everyone.

Wednesday, May 15 2013

Low-income neighborhoods are more often exposed to poor environmental quality when compared to wealthier communities, and scientists are saying this gap will increase as climate change is more widely felt.

Wednesday, April 17 2013

Diesel-powered vehicles are a significant source of pollution, impacting health and contributing to climate change. The Ditching Dirty Diesel Collaborative, a coalition of community, environmental advocacy and public health departments, is working together with the Pacific Institute to reduce the impact of this pollution on low-income communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.