Switzer Foundation

The Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation drives positive environmental change by recognizing and fostering a diverse network of environmental leaders, and mobilizing them through the Switzer Fellowship Network.

Announcements & Events

Friday, March 28 2014
Join Switzer Fellows and participants in the Spring Retreat Trainings for happy hour and networking!
Friday, March 21 2014
Join Spring Retreat participants and Boston-area Fellows for after-work social time!
Wednesday, April 16 2014
Calling all Switzer Fellows currently working or interested in the Pacifc Northwest! We are holding our second networking call of 2014 to connect you and allow you to share ideas and network informally. If you would like to participate in this call, please email Lauren.

$80,000 in Switzer Leadership Grants was awarded in December to three organizations working with Switzer Fellows on critical issues.