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Mary Brown, a preservation planner who excelled at distilling the qualities of everything from Golden Gate Park to Sam Jordan’s Bar, died of lung cancer in San Francisco on Dec. 10. She was 46. In her seven years with San Francisco’s Planning Department, Ms. Brown was the author of unusually...Read more >
To slow climate change, lawmakers in a handful of states are proposing bills or passing laws that convert their local electricity grids to renewable sources. ... "Electrifying buildings is really the next frontier,” Rachel Golden, an organizer with Sierra Club’s California chapter, tells...Read more >
A notification system that alerts authorities when fishing vessels that are believed to be operating illegally arrive in port is being developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Australia’s national science agency explained that the web-based reporting...Read more >
Rather than conduct an aquatic roll call with nets to know which fish reside in a particular body of water, scientists can now use DNA fragments suspended in water to catalog invasive or native species. The research from Cornell, the University of Notre Dame and Hawaii Pacific University was...Read more >
Abstract Problem, research strategy, and findings: We draw on a multidisciplinary body of research to consider how planning for urban agriculture can foster food justice by benefitting socioeconomically disadvantaged residents. The potential social benefits of urban agriculture include increased...Read more >
Women in Comms capped off a productive, insightful and fun afternoon spent discussing the future of technology and the progress being made for women in the industry by recognizing two women who are leading the charge on technology and making a material difference for women in comms. Congratulations...Read more >
Here are some of the ways in which companies and business leaders can stay the course, with or without the support of the powers that be. ... Following Trump’s decision to withdraw from the climate deal, Elon Musk has stepped down from the president’s advisory council, as has Disney CEO...Read more >
Fellow Jason Grumet appeared on a PBS News Hour segment that dug into President Trump's reasons why he thought the Paris climate accord was a bad idea. Watch the segment on YouTube...Read more >
The March for Science has come and gone, but the team that sparked the movement still hasn't taken a breather. “I thought that after the march I would get back to my day job, but that’s not what happened,” said Fellow Ayana Johnson, a marine biologist and ocean conservation consultant who served as co-director of partnerships for the event.Read more >
Like many warriors, Shaye Wolf is ready to march. She says Pres. Donald Trump’s administration is carrying out a “war on science” with proposed cuts in scientific research funding and appointments of climate change deniers to top positions. So Wolf, climate science director with...Read more >

Spotlight on Leadership

Whole Building Energy Efficiency
2008 Switzer Fellow Beckie Menten is the Energy Efficiency Coordinator for the Marin Energy Authority , the first Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) system in California. Community Choice Aggregation...Read more >

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